Cutting-edge design

Leaders in placing attractive fixtures, including custom wrapping micro-markets with customer logos, etc.

Secure self-checkout

Micro-market kiosks are fully secured with no access points and fully encrypted payment acceptance.

Choice selections

More open space means room for additional products and flavors, including your product requests.

Huge employee perk
The open look and sophisticated design of the micro-market impresses employees, making it a valuable asset to a Chicago business. It turns the break room into a mini storefront open 24/7, increasing morale and productivity.

Full healthy offering
With more room, micro-markets are perfect for increasing the healthy offerings at your Chicago office. Customize the selection with fresh food items made locally, all-natural beverages, premium snacks, and a lot more.

Ultimate refreshment experience
Employees rave about their employer when a micro-market is installed. Around the clock access to hundreds of delicious products, including specialty office coffee service options, makes them feel good.

There is no cost to the employer for a micro-market, making it an excellent alternative to cafeterias. Fox Vending will take care of all the necessary service from stocking products to providing security and logistics.

Give your Chicago employees a break room upgrade by adding delicious, ready-to-serve meals to your custom micro-markets!

Mobile pay

Micro-markets offer the ability for employees to make purchases using their mobile device.

24 hour access

No matter what time of day employees need refreshment, the micro-market will be open.

Automatic inventory

The self-checkout kiosk tracks sales, tabulating a restocking list we can use to provide service.

Fully secured

High definition video cameras watch every inch of the market in case there is ever an issue.

Enhance your break room with a micro-market from Fox Vending
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