No-cost workplace deli

Top food vending machine equipment paired with the best Chicago-prepared fresh items give your business a great benefit boost.

All prepared locally

Our fresh food options are perfectly prepared at an FDA-approved facility right here in Chicago.

Customizable menu

We offer the ability to select the fresh food options to make available in your break room.

Benefit to employees

Food vending machines add another employment perk to your benefits package when hiring.

Productivity promoter

With delicious grab and go food options, distractions from hunger and trips off site are eliminated.

Build a better employee culture with fresh food

From natural ingredients to trendy flavors, we have the food that will make you reconsider what food vending machines can do. We can also provide our Chicago-based fresh food to your micro-market or with on-site pantry service. Our service is a one-stop solution that can be right-sized to fit your current and future needs.

Something to please everyone

Our variety ensures that there is a food item unique enough to satisfy every palate in the diverse Chicago area.

Gourmet wraps and sandwiches

These deli-style entrees are full of fresh vegetables, high-quality meats, and flavorful cheeses.

Fesh yogurt and fruit

Simple and delicious, our variety of yogurts and seasonal fruit delivers a healthy side or nutritious snack.

Crisp green salads

Garden fresh vegetables and interesting toppings make our salads as mouthwatering as they are healthy.

Hot burgers and more

From zesty burgers to savory soups, there are plenty of hot options to keep Chicago employees interested.

Know you have the best break room offerings in Chicago by opting for food vending machines from Fox Vending at (800) 694-2800.

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