vending machines and office coffee service in Downers GroveVending Machines with Downers Grove in Mind

People working in offices of all types appreciate access to vending machines. Downers Grove is no different. So, what are you waiting for…contact Fox Vending today for the vending machines to best fit your unique office environment. We provide all types of vending machines, from snack and beverage vending machines, to those that vend food items and coffee. The selection in your machines is completely up to you. Also, our vending machines are high tech, featuring such abilities as cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and light speed technology for remote inventory monitoring.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Downers Grove Businesses

Coffee is the nectar that keeps all bustling business hives moving. Keep your Downers Grove employees busy as bees with an office coffee service from Fox Vending. We have traditional by-the-pot brewers to the latest in single-cup coffee machines. And we have the brands, types and flavors that true coffee drinkers crave. If you prefer, when we regularly service your office coffee setup, we’ll also restock your Downers Grove breakroom. Stir sticks, cups, plates, filters, condiments…whatever you need, we’ll keep them stocked so you don’t have to.
If you’re Downers Grove office water is bad, then your office coffee won’t be great either. Fix it with our water filtration service. Our filters connect directly to your water supply to remove the impurities that can adversely affect taste. Available in countertop and floor standing units, we have a filter to fit your operation. Once installed, you’ll have better tasting water right from the tap, hot or cold.

vending service and micro-markets in Downers GrovePut a Micro-Market in Your Downers Grove Office

Adding vending machines to your Downers Grove office is great, but for a premium experience, you need a Micro-Market. Think of it as a convenience store built right into your break room, with attractive racks, coolers and displays filled with hundreds of snack, drink and entrée options. Why is it better than what vending machines can do? First of all, the product selection is more exclusive, including dairy items, fresh sandwiches and gourmet salads. Secondly, it’s a store that runs itself. Integrated self-checkout kiosks allow the customers to browse the store, select what they want, and ring it up themselves at the kiosks. Micro-Markets can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting all employees no matter what hours they keep.


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