vending machines and office coffee service in Franklin ParkVending Machines Installed in Franklin Park Offices

Adding vending machines to your Franklin Park office can help keep employees fueled and focused. Where to start? Call Fox Vending. We have the entire gamut of vending machine services covered. Our range of machines include the standard snack and soda vending machines you know well, but also vending machines that you might not be familiar with, like frozen food vending machines and coffee vending machines. All feature the latest in technological advances, such as cashless payment, remote inventory monitoring and maximum energy saving capabilities. Not sure how you want to pay for the service? We have multiple options here, as well. Ask about our subsidized vending and free vending programs.

Franklin Park Gets Its Office Coffee and Water Filtration from Fox

Coffee, coffee, coffee…it may be one of the most surprisingly important aspects of your Franklin Park operation. It helps people stay focused and productive, but what are you doing to ensure your people are getting a great cup in the most efficient way possible? If you’re leaving it to chance, it’s time to contact Fox Vending. By adding our office coffee solution to your operation, it ensures a high quality beverage right on site. That means people can get what they need without leaving the office, which can drain productivity. We have every type of brewer you can think of, from more traditional pot brewing styles to those that brew by the cup. Once we help choose the system that best works for your employees, then we supply the office with your choice of hot beverages – including all the brands and flavors you know and love. Once your service is up and running, we’ll come back regularly to keep everything in line. During those visits, we’re happy to also supply your other break room needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and condiments.
What is it about offices that they always seem to have poor water quality from the tap? It doesn’t have to be that way. Just talk to Fox Vending about our water filtration service. Our filters come in table top and floor standing units. Once installed, better tasting water is available right from the tap – hot or cold.

vending service and micro-markets in Franklin ParkMicro-Markets Are Making An Impact in Franklin Park

You appreciate the idea of vending in your Franklin Park office, but want to do something a little different…and a lot better? That’s where Micro-Markets from Fox Vending come into play. Utilizing a series of attractive racks, coolers and displays, we’ll turn a portion of your office into a self-sustaining convenience store. Choose from hundreds of products to fill the store, including items not typical to vending machines, like fresh fruit, gourmet salads and protein-packed dairy items. Quality and selection are one big benefit of Micro-Markets…the other is convenience. Each Micro-Market includes an integrated self-checkout kiosk. This allows the customers to handle the transaction themselves, selecting the items they want and scanning/paying for them as they leave. The fact that the store takes care of itself means it can remain open every day, all day. It’s a great morale builder for employees, especially when they have to come in early or stay late.


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