vending machines and office coffee service in NorthlakeNorthlake’s Provider of Quality Vending Machines

Fox Vending offers the vending machines and support that Northlake businesses demand. Our selection of vending machines includes those that vend snacks, sodas, coffee and food items, and they do so with the latest technologies and convenience features. Check out our vending machines with cashless payment, remote inventory monitoring and guaranteed product delivery abilities. When you choose the vending machines you want, you also have complete control over the inventory. You pick the premier snacks and food items and we’ll do the rest.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Ideal for Northlake Businesses

So much is riding on coffee, why wouldn’t you choose a high quality service to have right in your Northlake office? Fox Vending can get you there, with the highest quality brewing coffee machine options and the widest selection of beverages. Choose from coffee equipment that brew by the cup, or those that can provide higher volumes by the pot. Our coffee machines feature the latest in technology so your people can adjust several different brewing parameters to best match their unique preferences. We offer the brands and flavors of coffee that people know and love. Other hot beverages are available too, including a large selection of teas. Once your coffee brewers are up and running, we’ll return regularly to make sure everything is operating properly and your beverage selection is fully stocked. We’ll also bring items to keep your break room ready. This includes restocking plates, napkins, creamers, sweeteners and more…basically anything you need.
Good coffee relies on good water. And for those who don’t drink coffee at your Northlake location, it’s even more important to have decent water in the office. Don’t solve the problem with expensive water delivery services. Instead, fix the problem at its source with our water filtration services. We install a filter the removes the impurities from your water, providing a better quality beverage right from the tap. Filters are available in both counter top and floor standing units to best accommodate your available space.

vending service and micro-markets in NorthlakeNorthlake Get Its Micro-Markets Here

Fox Vending is ready to install a Micro-Market in your Northlake break room. Micro-Markets take vending services to the next level, essentially building a self-sustaining convenience store right within your office walls. Attractive racks, coolers and displays are installed, which can offer a great number of items and a better selection. The integrated self-checkout kiosks let customers basically run the store – walking in and selecting what they want and handling the transactions themselves at the kiosks. Complete with a security camera system, there’s little worry for people abusing the store or stealing its inventory. That lets you keep it open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Micro-Markets are a great morale builder, especially for those coming in early or burning the midnight oil.


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