vending machines and water filtration service in Orland ParkVending Machines Installed in Orland Park

Anyone can add vending machines to your Orland Park office, but only Fox Vending can give you the best. Our vending machines offer up all types of fare – from snacks and sodas to coffee and food items. And the technology found in our vending machines is second to none. We have vending machines that accept cashless payment and include infrared technology that can ensure a purchased product is always vended, or your money back. Another unique feature found in our vending machines is light speed technology. This allows us to remotely track your inventory so we know what to bring before ever leaving the warehouse. This allows us to be more efficient and provide the highest level of customer service.

Orland Park’s Choice in Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Don’t leave coffee quality to chance with your Orland Park facility. Contact Fox Vending today for the best in office coffee services. We offer all types of brewing equipment, from by-the-pot brewers to the latest in single-cup brewers. Then we offer all types of coffees, teas and other hot beverages to cater to each of your Orland Park employee’s unique preferences. Once everything is installed and running, we’ll come back regularly to make sure everything is operating properly and your coffee/tea supply is fully stocked. When we make these trips, we’re also willing to bring other break room supplies. From stir sticks and cups to creamers and sweeteners, let us increase your efficiency by putting break room management on our shoulders.
So, you want an office coffee program, but your Orland Park’s office water isn’t up to par? Don’t solve it with a water delivery service. Instead, solve it on-site, with a water filtration service. We offer units in countertop and floor standing configurations that connect directly to your water supply. Once installed, better tasting water is available right from the tap, hot or cold. And you never have to lug around 5 gallon water jugs again.

office coffee and micro markets in Orland ParkMicro-Markets Ready to Install in Orland Park

Go beyond vending machines for your Orland Park location with a Micro-Market from Fox Vending. The latest trend in vending, Micro-Markets are essentially small corner stores installed right within office environments. We customize attractive racks, coolers and displays to make the store, and then we fill them with your choice of items, including those not typically available in vending machines, such as fresh wraps, salads and dairy items. Orland Park employees can simply walk in, grab what they want and scan/pay at the integrated self-checkout kiosks. And the store is further self-sufficient with built-in remote inventory monitoring. Stores can remain open 24/7, meaning no matter when your people are working, they can take advantage of this benefit.


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