vending machines and office coffee service in Westchester Vending Machines Worthy of Westchester Offices

Adding vending machines to your Westchester office is a great way to improve morale and provide the fuel people need to get the job done. Fox Vending can take this to the next level with the machines, technologies and products to match any demand. Our vending machines run the gamut from traditional snack and beverage vending machines to coffee vending machines, cold entrée vending machines and frozen item vending machines. And the technologies our machines offer are second to none. Ask about vending machines with cashless payment, SureVend guaranteed product delivery and Light Speed Technology, which allows us to remotely monitor your inventory and respond accordingly when your supply gets light.

Westchester Gets Its Office Coffee and Water Filtration Here

As a Westchester business person, you know how important coffee is to a bustling operation. Some may take it lightly, but good coffee improves morale and maximizes productivity. Let Fox Vending bring your office coffee to the next level. Our service combines the right brewing machines with a huge selection of hot beverages. We’ll work with you to select the coffee brewers that best fit your coffee demand – from traditional pot brewers to single-cup brewers – and with the technologies that let your people adjust just about every brewing parameter. We even offer help to run your Westchester break room. Would you rather have someone else take care of the stir sticks, cups, napkins, sweeteners and creamers you need restocked on a regular basis? We’ll take it off your hands and refill during our regular coffee visits.
Have an Westchester office water quality problem? Stop paying for someone to deliver those bulky five-gallon water jugs and take care of the problem at the source with our water filtration services. Fox Vending offers water filters in both counter-top and floor standing units, which connect directly to your water supply. Removing the impurities that can cause poor taste, smell and other undesirables, once the filters are connected, better tasting water is available at the simply turn of a faucet.

vending service and micro-markets in WestchesterBuilding Micro-Markets in Westchester

Micro-Markets suggest something small…but there’s nothing little about putting a self-sufficient convenience store right in your Westchester office. It’s the ultimate in selection, convenience and morale building, and Fox Vending is ready to serve. We start by working with you to determine a location and the snacks, beverages and food items you want to provide, and then we’ll build the infrastructure to match, including attractive racks, coolers and displays. Each store comes with an integrated self-checkout kiosk. So, when employees have perused the store and selected what they want, all that’s left to do is head to the kiosk and swipe a card. It’s a great option for employees on the run, and you’ll appreciate keeping people in the office and productive without having to dedicate someone to work in the store. Because the kiosks are always on, the stores are always open. Those working late or coming in on the weekend will greatly appreciate the convenience.


Fox Vending delivers excellence. Learn more about what we offer at 800-694-2800 or e-mail [email protected].