Chicago Consumers Influence New Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks in chicago

Chicago Consumers Influence New Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks in chicagoThe number and variety of healthy snacks Chicago employees will have to choose from in the next few years is expected to grow. Fact.MR, a market research firm, recently released a report that looked into current and future scenarios in the snack market and found promising data for the healthy snack sector.

Three distinct product characteristics were found to influence consumer demand.

Transparency, as it is related to a snacks ingredients, is the first.  Unlike previous years when a brand name, by itself, could sell a snack, today’s consumers prioritize the quality of ingredients over brand names. In addition to organic ingredients, non-genetically modified organisms, clean, low-sugar, gluten-free, and healthy ingredients are at the top of the most wanted ingredient list. The remaining two characteristics address the purpose or function of a snack and the Chicago consumer as an individual who has specific regional or local taste preferences.

Since healthy snacks are here to stay, what can Chicago employees expect to find in their break room? Whether their break room includes a micro-market or pantry service, employees can expect to find a variety of snack or protein bars and sippable or ready-to-eat soups; if they haven’t already.

healthy snacks in chicagoWhile traditional snack bars will continue to be consumed as snacks, many other bars will be eaten instead of a meal. Bars used as meal replacements will need to offer nutritious ingredients including a variety of healthy proteins. Healthy sippable soups can also function as a larger snack or a meal thanks to healthy ingredients, convenience, and versatility.

Is there a healthy snack beverage in your Chicago break room that always seems to be eaten first? That item is a great indicator of which healthy snacks your employees prefer. It’s important to understand which products they reach for first in order to be able to offer the most desired products.

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